Handcrafted Process

Tailored to you and your family. 

Perfectly executed.

Made by hand.



Meet & Greet

We meet in your home, and I listen to your imagination. We determine what you like, and don’t like about your current space. We talk materials, special features and hone in on a vision for your home and family.


Design & Fabrication

We start handcrafting your kitchen in our design and fabrication shop. At the same time we’re preparing your kitchen for install. During demolition we install temporary sinks and countertops to make your kitchen usable during construction.

Measure & Model

Measure, model, design, and quote. Once we’ve documented your space we’ll come back with a complementary design and estimate to get started.


Tweaks & Fine Tuning

We install cabinets the day after demo is finished. We carefully install and inspect every piece of your kitchen. We make final tweaks and ensure all visual sides, gables, crown moulding, doors, drawers, custom hardware, and bumpers are perfectly tuned.

“I really felt that James took as much time and attention to detail (on the work he did for us) as I would have if I did it myself.”

Elsie, Ottawa